„Angesiedelt-Sein im Dazwischen“: Mapping out Anne Weber’s German-French bilingualism for English translation

Jana Loorparg

Anne Weber (*1964) is an award-winning German-French author, translator into German and French, and self-translator. Born in Germany, she moved to Paris at the age of 17 and started writing and publishing in French, immediately self-translating into German. Since 1998, she has published 11 German-French book pairs, usually published at the same time in France and Germany. In 2020, she was awarded the German Book Prize. Weber has been identified by many critics as one of the most important voices in contemporary German literature, yet her oeuvre and bilingual poetics are currently understudied. As a PhD candidate in Literary Translation Studies at VUW, my research focuses on the challenge of translating selected passages from three of Weber’s books into English. In this research presentation, I am going to introduce Weber and her literary oeuvre, and share some of my recent findings regarding her bilingual poetics and the challenges her work poses for translators working into English.