GANZ Vorstand

Jeni Lemberg (President)

Dr Stephan Resch (Senior Vice President)

Dr Antonie Alm (Associate President, Tertiary)

Dr Diana Feick (Vice President, Tertiary)

Philippa Watson (Vice President, Secondary)

Andrew Moore (Treasurer)

Other contacts

German Embassy Wolfgang Huesgen

Goethe-Institut Judith Geare

National Advisor (Fachberaterin für Neuseeland) Alexandra Töniges

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) Mareike Schmidt

New Zealand-German Science Coordinator Dr Regine Eisert

New Zealand German Business Association (NZGBA) Monique Surges

Goethe Society Auckland Astrid Sandberg

Goethe Society Wellington Jacquie Bisley

Goethe Society Waikato Mike Hoffmann

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